How To Get Bigger Breasts

None of us will admit this but having smaller breasts greatly affects our self confidence and our intimate relationships. Studies show that women who are born with big breasts have more self-confidence, exude self-reliance and as sad as it sounds… usually gets the guy. So lets get straight to the point, if you like to know how to get bigger breasts, please follow the steps below:

Step 1– Start a Healthy diet

Everything starts with a healthy diet. Lets face it….If your body is not in the best condition, it will not be able to heal itself properly or deliver the nutrients to your breasts. So you must eat lean meats, low gi foods like brown rice, vegetables and fruits so that your immune system is boosted and your body starts growing and repairing itself again. Too many of us starve ourselves because of the latest fad diets but don’t realise that if our bodies are deprived of nutrition then, it is more difficult to lose weight or develop breast tissue.

Step 2 – Exercise

Enrol at the nearest gym available. Hit the weight machines and find machines that focus on your chest muscles so that you can build that layer of muscle underneath your chest and breasts and create the appearance of bigger firmer breasts. I won’t go in detail here because I wrote an article on chest exercises so please check out our Breast Enlargement Exercises article for specific work out details.

Step 3– Apply a Breast Enlarging Cream or Serum

There are many breast enhancement creams and serums that show you how to get bigger breasts without taking any pills. We done an in depth review of the Naturaful breast cream here and also the fast absorbing breast enlargement serum Brestrogen here. Both these creams claim to activate your breast receptors through active herb extracts however Brestrogen has an advantage over Naturaful because it’s serum formula absorbs quickly into the skin and deliver the herb extracts directly to your breast tissues.

Step 4 – Massage Your Breasts

You can apply the Brestrogen serum to your breasts and massage your breasts each day for 20minutes in a circular pattern. This will help stimulate your mammary glands to effectively produce hormones to get bigger breasts naturally. Another reason why massaging works is because it encourages blood to rush to your breasts and helps with circulation – so it helps your breasts active to the breast serum.

These steps may be relatively simple but they do work to increase your breast size. If you are looking for a complete solution, then combining the Breast Actives pills and the Brestrogen breast serum have delivered strong results to women around the world.

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