How To Get Bigger Breasts

None of us will admit this but having smaller breasts greatly affects our self confidence and our intimate relationships. Studies show that women who are born with big breasts have more self-confidence, exude self-reliance and as sad as it sounds… usually gets the guy. So lets get straight to the point, if you like to know how to get bigger breasts, please follow the steps below:

Step 1– Start a Healthy diet

Everything starts with a healthy diet. Lets face it….If your body is not in the best condition, it will not be able to heal itself properly or deliver the nutrients to your breasts. So you must eat lean meats, low gi foods like brown rice, vegetables and fruits so that your immune system is boosted and your body starts growing and repairing itself again. Too many of us starve ourselves because of the latest fad diets but don’t realise that if our bodies are deprived of nutrition then, it is more difficult to lose weight or develop breast tissue.

Step 2 – Exercise

Enrol at the nearest gym available. Hit the weight machines and find machines that focus on your chest muscles so that you can build that layer of muscle underneath your chest and breasts and create the appearance of bigger firmer breasts. I won’t go in detail here because I wrote an article on chest exercises so please check out our Breast Enlargement Exercises article for specific work out details.

Step 3– Apply a Breast Enlarging Cream or Serum

There are many breast enhancement creams and serums that show you how to get bigger breasts without taking any pills. We done an in depth review of the Naturaful breast cream here and also the fast absorbing breast enlargement serum Brestrogen here. Both these creams claim to activate your breast receptors through active herb extracts however Brestrogen has an advantage over Naturaful because it’s serum formula absorbs quickly into the skin and deliver the herb extracts directly to your breast tissues.

Step 4 – Massage Your Breasts

You can apply the Brestrogen serum to your breasts and massage your breasts each day for 20minutes in a circular pattern. This will help stimulate your mammary glands to effectively produce hormones to get bigger breasts naturally. Another reason why massaging works is because it encourages blood to rush to your breasts and helps with circulation – so it helps your breasts active to the breast serum.

These steps may be relatively simple but they do work to increase your breast size. If you are looking for a complete solution, then combining the Breast Actives pills and the Brestrogen breast serum have delivered strong results to women around the world.

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Get Firm, Perky, Full Breasts With Brestrogen

Brestrogenbrestrogen is a high quality, natural ingredient packed and specially formulated cream which is applied to the breasts twice daily. The safe, effective and natural ingredients will be absorbed into your skin where they will begin to work their magic to plump, lift and firm your breasts. Working to increase your breasts a full cup size in six to seven weeks and up to two cups after five to six months of continual use, this product will give you increased confidence and self esteem when you are wearing clothes and even when you are not.

With Brestrogen, you will enjoy:

  • Firmer, perkier breasts
  • Enhanced self confidence
  • Wearing low cut tops
  • Rejuvenated breasts after child birth and breast feeding
  • More enjoyment out of intimate moments
  • Soaking up compliments
  • Feeling and looking great with or without your clothes
  • No odor or side effects
  • No expensive, painful, indiscreet surgery
  • Fast, safe results

Brestrogen Ingredients

Brestrogen is made with an all natural ingredient harvested from the Chiengmai forests in Thailand. This miracle plant is known for its ability to develop breast tissue and enlarge the breasts. It works by increasing the fatty tissue and ligaments that support breasts and gives them shape. It also enhances breast size by lengthening the ducts connected to the nipples and gives you fuller, larger, firmer breasts. This miracle ingredient is Pueraria Mirifica and has been renowned for centuries as the all natural breast enhancer.

Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria MirificaPueraria Mirifica is high in phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogens mimic the effects of oestrogen, the body’s most important hormone for breast enhancement. These powerful phytoestrogens increase blood flow and distribution of oestrogen in the breast helping enhance breast tissue shape, growth and firmness.

Pueraria Mirifica also helps to firm the breasts by increasing the length of milk ducts, expanding and increasing fatty tissue and by adding shape and support in the ligaments around the breast. It also helps smooth and soften the breasts by maintaining collagen.

Pueraria Mirifica contains isoflavones, miroestrol, coumestrol and dioxymiroestrol which work by strengthening the milk ducts, expanding and stimulating fat tissue resulting in firmer, better shaped breasts.

Pueraria Mirifica is also known as the Elixir of Youth and has many clinically proven anti aging benefits including reducing wrinkles, lessening the effects of menopause and natural breast enlargement.

Pueraria Mirifica promotes fibroblasts in the breast cells giving you firmer, softer more beautiful breasts.

Directions For Use

To see results with Brestrogen:

apply breast cream•    Use it twice a day.

•    Simply pump two to three drops of the cream in your hand and rub it into your breast tissue until it is completely absorbed.

Following these simple directions, you will start seeing results in just a few weeks. In fact, after six to seven weeks of use you can expect an increase of up to one cup size. With consistent use after five to six months, your cup size can increase up to two sizes.

Get the firm, big, soft, sexy breasts you have always wanted without surgery, expensive padded bras or special exercises.

Quick absorbing, odorless and easy to use in an airless tube that creates zero waste, Brestrogen is the effective, all natural way to increase your breast size and your confidence. You can search high and low, but you will not find a more effective, safer, easier to use, faster acting and more discreet way to enhance your cup size and get the fullness you want than with Brestrogen.

For best results, you should use it for six months. After using Brestrogen for sixth months, simply decrease the amount you apply by half and your breasts will maintain their ample, full size.

Ordering Brestrogen

Brestrogen should be ordered direct from the manufacturer to know you are getting the highest quality, most effective formula available. Buying it online or by phone directly from the manufacturer is the only way to insure you are getting authentic Brestrogen.

You can buy direct from the manufacturer online and can get great savings by buying multiple bottles. One box is $124.95, two boxes are $239.95 and three boxes are just $339.85 and a fourth box is included at no extra charge when you buy the three box supply. The two box offer saves you $19.95 and the three box offer with a free fourth box gives you a savings of $179.95 so you can see how buying in multiples is best for your budget.

Do not struggle with low self esteem or confidence because your breasts are sagging, drooping or not as full, large and firm as you would like them to be. Simply order Brestrogen today and use this all natural, safe and effective cream twice daily and within a few short weeks, you will start to see results.

Naturaful Product Review

naturafulMany women desire to have larger, fuller, firmer breasts. This of course is for a myriad of reasons including appearing more attractive as well as feeling more confident. To achieve their goals, some women will begin to make healthier dietary choices and add exercise to their lifestyle — particularly shaping, toning and weight lifting routines focusing on the muscles around the chest area. This of course helps some, but does not always provide the more dramatic result that may sometimes be desired. As a result, a more popular way to achieve this is through breast augmentation surgery.

Understandably, women are hesitant about going under the knife. Surgery is not only risky, but it is invasive. As such, more women are opting for natural alternatives, such as breast augmentation and enhancement creams. Creams are a welcomed alternative to surgery as they are not life threatening, are made using products found in nature, are non-invasive and are easy to use. One such topical product is Naturaful. This review will look at the pros, cons and effectiveness of naturaful breast enlargement cream.

In A Nutshell: What Is Naturaful and How It Works?

Naturaful is made from natural herbs, and is designed to improve the overall appearance of the breasts by increasing their firmness and fullness naturally. Thanks to its herbal base, the cream works with the natural functions of the body to enhance the overall feel and appearance of the breasts. Being a topical product, it is absorbed easily through the skin of the breasts and into the breast tissue where the active ingredients begin to take effect. The active ingredients help the body to produce tissue growth hormones which the body would normally produce, but has stopped.

Ingredients include:

  • Sabal
  • Dong Quai
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Damiana
  • Dandelion Root
  • Wild Mexican Yam
  • Motherwort
  • Oat Bran

The Pros And The Cons

The benefits of using this product are many. They include:

– How quickly this product begins to work. Naturaful’s manufacturers guarantee that the women who use this product as prescribed will begin to see positive result in as little as less than two months. In fact, they purport that such women can expect to see an increase in breast size of up to three cups in as little as six weeks or less. Within six weeks, the breasts should not only appear larger, but firmer and overall more attractive.

– Of course, another benefit of this product is its herbal base. The fact that the product is made using natural products that work with the body’s naturally make up and chemistry, as opposed to against it, is a good thing. Thanks again to its natural base, Naturaful has virtually no side effects. It can even be used while on birth control pills.

– This product is easy to use. The cream is applied by rubbing it into the breast moving from the nipple outward. One can apply it apply it right after having a shower or bath for the best absorption.

– In addition to firming and enlarging the breasts, the product also balances out any unevenness that may be present. That is, if one breast is larger than the other. This is an especially welcomed benefit if the disparity between the two is obvious.

– Naturaful helps keep any hormonal imbalances that may be present in check. As such, women can expect a reduction in mood swings, as well as some of the more irritating and/or painful effects of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) which effects most women who are still within their reproductive years.

– Improved self-confidence is the natural side effect of using a product that works this well. Looking and feeling better is bound to boost any woman’s confidence.

– For a breast enhancement cream this effective, this product is by far one of the more cost effective ones on the market, costing a very affordable US$69.00. Major plus!

Breast Enlargement Exercises

Firstly, I want to clear up the misconception about breast enlargement exercises. Breast enlargement exercises will not increase your breast size because your breast tissues is mainly made out of  fats, nerves, glands and your milk ducts so it’s impossible to increase breast tissues (ie fat) unless you gain weight and the fat is deposited into your breast tissues as well.

Breast enhancement exercises will however increase the chest muscles that lie underneath your breast tissues, thus giving you an appearance of bigger breasts. This perfect because it also strengthens your upper body and gives you a fantastic posture.

Below I have listed down various exercises that you can incorporate in your workout plan.

Exercise 1: Arm Circling Exercise 

breast enlargement exercises arm circleThis exercise targets the most your muscles in your arm, chest and shoulder.

  • In a circular motion turn both your arms together 8 counts and reverse circular motion 8 counts.
  • This will help your breasts form a circle beneath your nipples.
  • Repeat 3 to 4 times per session each day
  • Gradually increase your petition after a week.
  • Adjust the speed and the number of repetitions at the pace you feel comfortable with

Exercise 2: Palm Push

breast enlargement exercises palm pushPush your palms in front of your breasts, hold 5 to 10 seconds and repeat as much as you can handle.

  • Place your palm together, in front of your breasts.
  • You may have your fingers pointing like as if you’re praying
  • Push your hands against each other tightly exerting pressure
  • Keep the pressure for five seconds.
  • Slowly relax the pressure and repeat 3 times

Exercise 3: Knee Push Ups 

  • breast enlargement exercises knee pushupsKneel down, support your weight with both of your knees more or like a dog position.
  • Plant both palms onto the floor
  • Ensure that your both is straight and relax not rigid
  • Push your body down and up from your chest and biceps
  • Do 10 pushups and rest for 30 seconds
  • Repeat 3 times and gradually increase to more reps as you get stronger.

Exercises 4: Bench Press

  • breast enlargement exercises bench pressLie down on your back on a bench and hold 2 dumbbells at chest level along your body, palms facing each other.
  • Raise the dumbbells straight up until your elbows are close to being locked and lower them back slowly after a short pause.
  • Breathe out when raising the dumbbells and breathe in when lowering them back.

As stated before these breast exercises may not actually increase your breast tissue but they will add a layer of muscle underneath your breast tissue to create the illusion of bigger breasts. To target your breast tissues directly without the use of exercises or pills, you may want to consider incorporating the breast serum called Brestrogen into your breast enhancement exercises routines.